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In a dark and dreary abandoned lot just outside of Denver lies a new terror... Colorado Fear Fest 2014 dares to bring you an unprecedented Halloween Haunt experience with two uniquely themed horrifying haunted houses and a demented Carnival Midway produced by those crazy clowns from Circus of Fear... all in one location!

Check-in to the blood-curdling Grisly Lodge for the night if you dare where the tormented souls of the old hotel search for unsuspecting guests to terrify.

Venture into the the darkness below in the old deserted Dark Mine where an unspeakable evil awaits as you try to find your way out!

Don’t wait in Long Lines!

This year brings cutting-edge technology that allows you to test your skills at haunt-themed carnival games, enjoy great food and watch live non-stop performances, all while you anticipate the terror that awaits you! Simply purchase your ticket, immerse yourself in the Midway madness and when your time is up attend your next Haunted Attraction!

Come experience these Denver Haunted Houses for a truly amazing evening of horror at Colorado Fear Fest, Denver's best new Halloween destination!

For the squimish at heart, join us this Fall for some family Halloween fun at our Not-so-Scary "Lights-On" Tours on select nights!

See Dates and Times for more information.

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Colorado Fear Fest Blog...

Randle Snodgrass
May 18th, 1842

Randle Snodgrass was an odd but simple fellow. His family acquired the old Grisly Lodge back at the turn of the century when hunting in Colorado was difficult but prosperous. Soon after his younger sister Miranda mysteriously disappeared, Randle starting noticing strange things in the old place... glimpses of a little girl wandering through the halls, dolls showing up in weird places, crying and other oddities. The phantoms of the night now haunt Randle at every turn and he is certain is is going mad...

Sheriff Maurice Miller
July 31st, 1847

Sheriff Maurice Miller was a proud but beaten man. He had become a puppet in the corporate takeover of the old Mine and was now just a shadow of his former self. Knowing what he did though, he was a liablity to the greedy owners who conitnued to try and find a way back into the Dark Mine to continue their pursuit of wealth. Maurice knew what happend many years ago but nobody would believe him... and who could blame them. Crazy tales of flashing lights and flesh-eating miners who had long been left for dead those many years ago. All he could do was watch in horror as the entire town became consumed by the terror with no end in site.